Common Mistakes Made by API Providers

Am dat peste 2 articole interesante despre cele mai dese greseli pe care le fac furnizorii de API-uri :

  1. 10 Common Mistakes Made by API Providers
  2. Another 10 Mistakes Made by API Providers

si… lista lor :

  • Assuming everything will always work
  • Poor community management
  • Not anticipating how API business processes will scale
  • putting the API under website domain
  • Lack of real-world testing
  • Not anticipating bad behavior
  • No blackbox tests
  • Not recognizing the API as a core line of business
  • Not having management on board with the API
  • Tunneling errors
  • Naming Convention
  • Authentication
  • Simplicity
  • Object normalization
  • Documentation
  • Be Forward and Backward Thoughtful
  • Error Messages Are Important
  • Making it Parsing Friendly
  • Allow for Subsets
  • URL Consistencies